Drunken Chorus

(lost & found (or the friend we never knew))

‘We’re here to tell you a story.

Emma wants it to be a fairy tale.

Chris wants it to be a gangster movie.’


This is the story of two people who can’t remember how it all began. A quiet journey through the night, through the city, through the hills. A remapping of a handful of distant memories. A Cat Stevens song plays quietly in the background.


Devised and performed by Emma Buck & Chris Williams, this contemporary performance piece charts the journey of two naively optimistic dreamers as they set out in search of the friend they never knew.




After finding a scrap of paper with a mobile phone number scrawled on it in blue pen, Chris and Emma spent a year picking up ‘lost’ objects from the streets of Britain and Italy. They liked to imagine that perhaps every item they found had been dropped by just one very careless person; that if they traced the ‘litter’ they might be able to track this person down, and to give them all of their lost property back. Of course, this person didn’t exist, and the objects were not lost, they were just rubbish. 

Chris and Emma had been in a relationship for 5 years, and lived together in Lancaster. Half way through the project this relationship came to an end. The work, however, continued - taking on an altogether more sinister, tragic and heart-breaking tone. The pair staged their own arguments, acted out the wedding they never had, and recounted scenes from past holidays together. Then, amongst the wreckage of the performance; amongst empty champagne bottles and 3,000 pieces of broken chalk; they quietly and gently said goodbye to one another.


Chris Williams: Performer
Emma Buck: Performer
Devised by the company

(first performed)

Greenroom, Manchester, 2006


Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster
Alsager Arts Centre
Leeds Met Gallery and Studio Theatre
University of Central Lancashire, Preston
The Gate Theatre, Goole
The Source Cafe, Carlisle
ArtsDepot, London
Mayfest, Bristol

(supporting partners)

LANWest (Live Art North West)
Greenroom, Manchester
Method Lab 
The Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster