Drunken Chorus


'Back to the sea...

...binoculars round the neck'


In April 2012 Drunken Chorus collaborated with performers from More Dukes Youth Theatre in Morecambe, where they spent a week making a new multi-media work about the town.

An attempt to re-imagine the town and bay as if it were a far-off land. By drawing on family holidays, music videos, cinema, novels and oral histories, the group explored the endless narratives and landscapes from coastal towns around the world.  

The performance addressed our relationships with where we live: how we yearn for other places when we are young; how we reminisce about our childhood surroundings when we grow older.

This young people’s project was a collaboration between Live at LICA associate artist Chris Williams (Drunken Chorus) and The Dukes. With filmmaker Sheena Holiday.


Over two weeks, performers from More: Dukes Youth Theatre worked with theatre director Chris Williams, and filmmaker Sheena Holliday.


To begin with, the group explored their favourite places around the local area - Happy Mount Park, the stone jetty, the beach, the statue of Eric Morecambe. They then went out into the town to begin filming these places, each having the opportunity to operate the camera, and each featuring in one shot disguised as a horse!!


They then began to think about what these local places remind them of - stretching their imaginations as far as they could, until the Superbowl became Las Vegas, Eric Morecambe became the Statue of Liberty, the Polo Tower became the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Through improvisations and devising sessions, the group then layered their imagined places over the top of the video footage of the real places that inspired them.


The resulting performance was full of material created by this passionate group of young people. Above all it was a fun exploration of the performers’ attitudes towards the places they live in, and the places in which they long to live.


Professional theatre companies can sometimes spend years making a piece of work, and yet these performers had a total of just 7 days to make the show. They have shown a great deal of commitment, hard work and talent, and can be incredibly proud of what they have achieved.



Chris Williams

Film / co-director: 

Sheena Holliday

Devised and performed by:

Beth Bailey

Alistair Burton

Kirsty Burton

Jodey Priestley

Yasmin Reade

Lauren Walsh


Other devisers

Emma Kelly

Rebecca Rawcliffe

Jess Riley 


Additional direction by: 

Lenny St Jean


Special thanks to:

Josh Asquith

Alice Booth

Guy Christiansen

Rich Clark

Dave Edwards

Matt Fenton

Kathryn McDonald

Pete Moser

Nicole Sherlock. 

(first performed)

The Hot House / More Music, Morecambe


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Live at LICA

The Dukes

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